Welcome to this blog

My Name is Dave Hayes (thats me below)

Though this page is called about Dave, I’ll introduce myself properly a bit later

Because this blog is all about you really the reader

The Purpose of this site is to introduce you, as a fellow affiliate marketer and independent business owner to some very effective advertising solutions

They will help you build your email list, grow your business and income, which when that happens, means you have time and income freedom

You may not realise it, but every business has two aspects to it They are

The Marketing Department which drives customers to the main business, what ever that may be

Where your business is soley an online business, then traffic generation is the marketing part of your business

No traffic, means no customers, means no business, means no income.

So as a fellow online business owner, this website will introduce you to effective, proven and tested ad solutions

They will all do one thing, help you to build your email list

Now there are a variety of different Ad Solutions available online

Google Ads

Facebook Ads

Twitter Ads

YouTube Ads

Bing Ads

Traffic Exchanges

Safelist / Solo Ads

Banner / Display advertising

Classified Advertising


How Will This Site Help You



The short answer is this, you will get access to the  most effective advertising for your business, which is available right now

Time tested and proven methods, which will help your business get seen by your clients

This also includes one of the smartest methods of advertising. Its a method which is used and seen daily, rarely spoken about and gets around 1.5 times more visitors to your website, than any other method available

All the methods on this site, if you follow the instructions alongside them, will earn you good money on a monthly basis, without fail

In fact its safe to say, that if you use these methods then your advertising, will be paying you